TLR Presents TLResistance

On October 25th, Threads Locks and Rock’s TLResistance, a dark, yet whimsical avant-garde performance art production paired with a stunning, hard-hitting soundtrack, will be presented at Klusoz Ultra Lounge, 1802 Buddy Holly Ave.

Conceived and choreographed by the superbly creative mind of Toshia Humphries, Threads Locks and Rock is enticing, intriguing and unexpected. TLR brings together an eclectic blend of music, fashion and art. The performance unfolds over the course of the evening with a unique balance of choreographed and unscripted acts deeply ingrained with live, unconventional music.

This year’s show will feature more eye-opening, visually engaging and interactive performances that have complimented the shows dark and edgy tone for over 9 years. Performances by Spoonfed Tribe, Philip Coggins, Tina Turner, Kevin Hoes will round out the nearly 2-hour event. “We are wanting to create an experience unlike anything else,” said TLR creator Toshia Humphries, “visually speaking, this show will be by far the most extraordinary – because it creatively highlights the current state of the world. Our shows tend to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. Every year, I truly encourage my team to push themselves and the audience out of their comfort zones. This year, I am well aware we will most definitely cause some discomfort, in that we will challenge perceptions, provoke thought and engage our audience on an intellectual and emotional level, unlike any year before. “

Exclusive VIP Booth and Table seating includes one complimentary cocktail per guest as well as a fantastic swag bag ($100-$150 value) full of goodies from sponsors like Aveda, Heart Journey Studios, FoxFlare Apparel, and Backstage.

Expect the unexpected – the show adheres to no standard model, and follows no written rules. “It is representative of my personal process of my life experiences and more,” said Humphries, “this show is an all-encompassing one, utilizing all ages, sizes, genders, mixed cultures and sexualities in an effort to empower the performers and hopefully deepen the perceptions of the audience members, as well. TLR always makes a statement. TLResistance will make a resounding one.”